April 21 Is International Creativity and Innovation Day

On April 21, the world celebrates Creativity and Innovation Day. This serves as not only a celebration of the ingenuity of people all around the globe but as a call to action as well. The world is getting smaller; people can connect through business and social networking channels to others anywhere. Today, more than ever, looking at the ways you do business and finding ways to improve can help you benefit your customers and your own bottom line.

Today’s Business Challenges

With today’s available technology, you have the ability to reach customers across the globe. This creates an undeniably exciting business environment if you know how to take advantage. This means learning how to overcome cultural and geographical differences among your customers and finding ways to speak to everyone you try to reach.

At the same time, your competitors have the same ability to connect. What was once the exclusive domain of large, international corporations has become a potential playground for businesses of all sizes. You need to not only extend your reach but find ways to connect in an increasingly crowded field. Doing business the way you and others have always done will not work.

Find Creative Ways to Boost Your Offerings

Creativity requires a focus on ideas. When you first start your business, this may seem obvious. Over time, though, it becomes easy to get stuck in a pattern of doing things the same way. This isn’t always bad; developing a standard approach can help you build efficiency. You can find value in learning not to reinvent the wheel.

At the same time, though, sometimes you do need to improve. Hire bright people and give them a chance to generate new ideas. Listen critically and take the opportunity to examine ways to address the limitations you have in place. You won’t implement every idea, but valuing creativity gives you a chance to thrive while the world continues to change.

Innovation to Keep Moving Forward

If creativity is the idea side of the equation, innovation delivers the means to implement your creative vision. Technology emerges almost every day to help you reach people, connect with those people, and do business across the world. Stay on top of new technological offerings.

If you have a new idea, work with your vendor partners to see whether current technology exists–or can be developed–to resolve it. Don’t take no as an answer before you consider not only whether what you need exists, but whether it is possible. True innovation comes from bridging those two concepts and turning possibilities into reality.

Creativity and innovation should drive your business from the beginning. International Creativity and Innovation Day will ideally serve not as a sea change, but as a reminder and gentle prodding to do the things you went into business to do. Keep fostering your ideas and ideals to help your business grow in the coming year.


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