Bringing Northern America closer to European merchants: The APM effect

We speak of the world becoming a smaller place but expanding into a new continent is often a challenge for businesses. With a different culture, different preferences for shopping and paying, streamlining business operations between continents like Europe and North America is easier said than done. The right payment methods though, have the superpower to bridge an important part of this gap for businesses.

The entry point to a new market

A successful commercial strategy for growth includes a payment strategy to pack a punch and make the most of the new market a business aims to expand into.  Analysing local payment methods preferences to make the right selection of payment methods on the business’s payment page to make it easy for shoppers to pay is the best way to optimise conversions.

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In this blog article, we would like to highlight a few payment methods that European businesses should consider when expanding operations in major countries across Northern America.

ACH payments for the US

US shoppers not only use debit or credit cards for online transactions but also ACH payments. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is a network that coordinates electronic payments and automated money transfers. eCheck Select, a real-time bank transfer in the US, provides a secure option to these shoppers as customers can complete the process by choosing their bank and providing their username and password for their online banking. The ease of using it and the security it offers makes it a popular choice. For gaming operators too, this payment method is becoming important.

A new decision by Supreme Court in the US has cleared the way for states to legalise sports betting in the US. Our connection to eCheck Select provides a key solution for gaming operators around the world looking to enter the newly-regulated US market.

Acceptance of credit cards can be limited in the iGaming industry and with eCheck Select, operators can offer players an uninterrupted experience. More importantly, offering their preferred payment can mean continued player engagement and rising sales for the gaming operator.

It’s Interac for Canada

Interac is one of Canada’s largest debit card service provider. It offers various ways to make payments including Interac e-Transfer. It allows shoppers to pay for goods and services safely and securely through your website’s payment page, directly from their bank account. Interac recently announced a record usage in 2017 with three-quarters of online banking users in Canada registered to use the service.

Not only is Interac popular, but it is also one of the most trusted payment methods in Canada. Canadians choose Interac an average 16 million times a day to pay and exchange money. Businesses providing this payment method at the checkout page in the Canadian market are sure to see higher conversions. As a part of helping our customers to expand into North America, SafeCharge provides a direct connection to the payment method.

Cashing your way to Mexico

With a high unbanked population, Mexicans are used to pay with vouchers for their purchases, even if they do have a checking account and a debit card. This habit repeats itself in online shopping, leading customers to look for e-stores that offer voucher payment methods. OXXO is a chain of convenience stores from Mexico, with over 13,000 stores across Latin America. It is the largest chain of this kind of store in Mexico.

Oxxo allows online shoppers to check out by selecting Oxxo as the payment method. An instant voucher is created with the transaction amount and the specific payment reference. The shopper goes to an Oxxo shop and pays the voucher in cash. As soon as the payment is matched to the initial checkout, the business gets paid and can ship products or provide services. With many Mexican people not having access to credit or debit cards or banking products, Oxxo allows businesses to tap into this substantial group of online buyers.

Along with Oxxo prepaid payments, SafeCharge enables businesses to offer various eWallets and banking services equally popular in Mexico such as SafetyPay, Visa Checkout, Neteller, Santander, ToditoCash and many more.

A partner to aid your growth

There’s a lot that goes into expanding operations in a new region and a reliable payments partner acts as a catalyst for growth. A right payment partner should manage the payments side of the business that deals with the currency, regulations and various other aspects of payments allowing merchants to focus on growing their business. For more than a decade SafeCharge has helped businesses scale up by managing various factors that come with cross-border growth.

SafeCharge offers:

  • A solid, reliable end to end payments infrastructure
  • Payment expertise and knowledge collated over a decade
  • The right, region-specific payment methods
  • An agile and innovative approach
  • Compliance with laws in new regions

Be it Northern America or any other market, half your battle is won when you pick the right payment methods and the right payments partner.

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