Case Study: Caliente optimises revenue control with SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager

Caliente, founded in 2014, provides premium online gaming with top-notch technology. This online site provides a unique experience to thousands of players in Mexico, offering a wide variety of sports and a Casino which offers blackjack, roulette or poker. As Caliente continues to advance its payments technology and attract new players both in Mexico and internationally, it needed a payments platform that could consolidate and automate reconciliations, so it could have increased control, accuracy and revenues.

Streamlining the reconciliation process

For any business to be successful, it is important that all revenues are accounted for and payments are reconciled. This can take up a lot of resources. Unforeseen circumstances such as changing over to new platforms, hidden fees and inconsistent reporting can have a significant impact on a business.

Reconciling incoming payments against multiple payment providers, payment matching, and fee-verifications is a complicated process. Caliente wanted to streamline this process by double checking that traffic was monitored optimally, so it could avoid lost revenues, customer disputes and audits picking up bookkeeping errors.

Caliente’s matching and reconciliation challenges spanned across its platform, banks, and payment providers. Due to information not being recorded accurately, there were multiple mismatches and inconsistencies with transactions and chargebacks which needed to be resolved. To continue operating in a highly complex environment successfully, Caliente needed to implement a solution that would place them in full control over fees, deposits, withdrawals, account balances and chargebacks.

Caliente’s reporting process was intricate and generating reports took time and lacked critical information. For the company, it was essential to streamline all reporting into a single unified overview to ensure that all payments were correctly received and that processing fees were in line with related service contracts.

To address these complexities, Caliente opted to implement SafeCharge’s matching and reconciliation solution, SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager.

Accounting for all revenues seamlessly

Implementing SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager was a seamless process, as Caliente simply provided login and bank account details. Once implemented, SafeCharge was able to monitor transactions and automatically reconcile them across payments providers, Caliente’s IMS platform and bank accounts. By reconciling Caliente’s settlements automatically, Reconciliation Manager ensured that correct amounts were received without delay. Mismatches that occurred were immediately dealt with by the Matching team as they contacted the relevant provider to fix the issue.

Reconciliation Manager’s flexibility with generating and customising reports enables Caliente to see only the information relevant for its business. It now has one focal point where it has access to accurate reporting, allowing management to receive precise reports, requiring no second-guessing.

SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager gives Caliente better control, precision, and more secure revenues. As a result of implementing the solution, SafeCharge was able to minimise Caliente’s financial loss exposure significantly in 2017.

Guido Murguia, CFO at Caliente Interactive, a SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager user, explains:

“By implementing SafeCharge’s Reconciliation Manager Solution, we have been able to recover significant revenues that would have otherwise been lost. Through careful monitoring of transactions across multiple payments providers, platforms and bank accounts, SafeCharge identified inconsistencies and addressed these outstanding transactions until all funds were reconciled. Through SafeCharge’s transparent and accurate reporting, we have a snapshot of our financial position at all times allowing us to have more control over fees, deposits, withdrawals, account balances and chargebacks.”

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