SafeCharge transactions value processed reaches $14 billion in 2018, building a market-leading position in payments

Strong financial and operational performance was driven by a clear market strategy focused on global reach, omni-channel payments and innovation. Through its Native+ Payment Engine, the global payment leader is offering both advanced proprietary payment processing as well as access to acquiring partners to meet the needs of any merchant.

SafeCharge (AIM: SCH), the partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology, today announced a strong performance for the year 2018 with a revenue growth of 24% to US$138.5 million. The processed volume increased by 45% year-on-year to $13.9 billion, up from $9.6 billion in 2017.

SafeCharge’s organic growth was driven by a vision to deliver innovation, flexibility and efficiency to customers, leveraging cutting-edge payments technology to address the needs of those businesses looking for an open and reliable payment service provider. In 2018, the Group delivered on its strategy to enter new verticals and markets, by expanding its office teams in Asia and Mexico to capitalise on local opportunities, as well as strengthening its presence in the travel and retail sectors.

The company successfully launched a number of significant new Tier 1 customers including the global ride sharing company Gett, the online retail platform The Level Group, the national Danish gaming operator Danske Spil and the Italian licensed gaming and betting operator Snai. SafeCharge also started cooperation with World Duty Free at LHR to implement the acceptance of WeChat Pay for Chinese visitors.


Charted the course for global reach

  • SafeCharge drove the acceptance of Alipay and WeChat Pay across the UK and grew its payments methods portfolio providing a choice of over 150 Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) integrated alongside the traditional credit and debit card formats.
  • Delivered solutions for merchants willing to expand in North America, for the US market with local card acquiring as well as the popular ACH online bank payment method eCheck and Interac for the Canadian market.
  • Grew its office presence in Asia with the opening of a second office in Shenzhen (China) and LATAM with an office in Mexico City (Mexico).

Capitalised on Omni-Channel for the best customer experience

  • SafeCharge is one of the only player in the market able to provide merchants with a truly omnichannel solution connecting all sales channels to the SafeCharge Payments Engine, improving the way merchants process and manage payments across all sales channels through one interface.
  • Bringing convenience and ease of new generation mobile payments in-store, SafeCharge created the Point of Sale app to accept QR code based payments such as Alipay and WeChat Pay

Brought innovative solutions to the market

  • With its Native+ Payment Engine, SafeCharge is bringing a new approach to payments by offering both an advanced proprietary technology as well as access to a broad range of partners. In 2018 it launched Reconciliation Manager and recently Identity Manager, two very innovative products leveraging the company’s unique experience and expertise in regulated markets payments, now broadening the scope of their initial customers interest to mainstream e-commerce merchants such as Gett.
  • The company is continuing to build on the latest technology innovations by including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to further develop the efficiency of its solutions.


“2018 has been an excellent year for SafeCharge. We successfully recruited a number of talented senior managers from well-established businesses in the payments sector to win and manage sustainable, high quality business in both existing and target verticals and geographies” explained David Avgi, CEO, SafeCharge. “We successfully diversified our customer base, enhanced our technology platform and invested substantially in new products and offerings. We remain fully committed to capitalising on the latest market trends and bringing best-in-class technology to our customers, enabling them to embrace the fast commerce transformation, enhance their customers’ experiences and ultimately grow their revenues”.

SafeCharge Launches Identity Manager, a solution for seamless digital Identity Validation

Online customers authentication is a challenge for many companies, whether imposed by their industry, local regulations or to prevent fraud or money laundering. With Identity Manager, SafeCharge offers a solution for global digital identity validation fully incorporated in its Native+ Payments Engine enabling a seamless user experience and maximised conversions.


SafeCharge (AIM: SCH), the partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology, today announced the launch of Identity Manager, an innovative solution for seamless automation of digital Identity Validation. With identity verification being one of the thorniest challenges for online businesses, Identity Manager streamlines complex background checks in a fast and cost-effective manner.

With over ten years of expertise in highly regulated payments markets, SafeCharge has designed Identity Manager as an agnostic gateway enabling merchants to connect to a wide range of identity validation providers worldwide, including eKYC, document verification as well as age verification, PEP and sanction checks. SafeCharge Identity Manager is fully incorporated into the SafeCharge Native+ Payments Engine; and is therefore easy to implement as part of SafeCharge Hosted Payment Pages as well as through dedicated APIs.

The solution automates customer verification flows, cleverly re-routing checks to an alternative provider should one be unsuccessful. In case of a failed eKYC check, customers are invited to upload their documents and get verified using a mobile phone or a desktop for the utmost security. Check flows can also be customised according to customer geographical location as well as business and sector requirements.

Identity Manger is addressed to those online businesses for which identity validation checks are a mandatory requirement subject to industry regulation, or required by businesses on their own. These include not only gaming, financial services and marketplaces, but also insurance and telecoms providing digital online services.

Yuval Ziv, CCO SafeCharge, explains: “The beauty of Identity Manager is that with one single contract and one unified reporting interface, businesses can stay ahead of customer authentication regulation requirements and prevent fraudulent transactions using the relevant local identity validation checks wherever their customers are.” He added: “SafeCharge runs the smart routing logic between check providers which provides a huge time saving and ensures the smooth operation for our customers”.


SafeCharge partners with Mazooma to enable local US payment options for gaming operators

The collaboration makes ACH payments, the US popular online bank transfer option, available for SafeCharge customers ready to enter the newly-regulated US market


SafeCharge (AIM: SCH), the partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology, is cementing its US expansion by offering real-time ACH payments in partnership with Mazooma – the trusted source for verified bank payments in online sports betting and iGaming. Through Mazooma’s eCheck Select Payment Technology, SafeCharge aims to support both its US customers and its international customers wanting to roll out in the region.

eCheck Select verifies bank-level data in real-time, including customer identification and account information. At the time of transaction, eCheck Select confirms a person’s account balance and processes the payment or terminates it if there are insufficient funds.

“We’re pleased to make our ACH technology available via the SafeCharge Payments Engine,” said Jamie MacKay, CEO, Mazooma. “With eCheck Select, iGaming operators entering the newly-regulated US market can offer players in the US a positive gaming experience.”

Following a successful expansion across US and Asian markets in 2018 – with the most recent opening of a new office in China earlier this month – SafeCharge is rapidly consolidating its global presence to support local merchants operating across borders. With one of the largest portfolios of local payment methods and card acquiring options, SafeCharge Payment Engine is enabling merchants to take back control of their payment processing capabilities securely and effectively on a global scale.

“The US is one of the largest markets in the world. There’s a growing requirement from both customers and businesses to enable seamless local payment acceptance, boosting conversion. By making eCheck Select available to provide real time ACH payments, we aim to support our customers successfully expanding into the US, further enhancing our innovative omnichannel Payments Engine designed to maximize payment conversions,” said David Avgi, CEO, SafeCharge.

SafeCharge opens an office in Shenzhen, extending support to its customers in Asia and speeding up development in China

In addition to its Asian offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, SafeCharge has opened new office in the financial heart of Shenzhen, increasing its China presence while actively building strategic partnerships with domestic players

SafeCharge (AIM: SCH), the partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology, today announced the opening of its new office in China less than four years after launching in the country. The new office is based in Shenzhen’s PingAn International Finance Center, a 115-storey supertall skyscraper in the Futian business district. This latest expansion marks SafeCharge’s growing footprint across the APAC region, where it already has offices in Singapore and Hong Kong with an overall team of nearly 20 people.

“Considering the increasing business with Chinese merchants and the closer relationships with Chinese payments giants Alipay, Tencent and Unionpay, establishing local customer support is a natural next step as we provide the highest quality of service to our partners,” explains Yoav Chernitz, China Business Development Director at SafeCharge. “Demand more is SafeCharge’s motto: we deepen our presence in China in order to deliver more to our customers, to interact more with them and to align our product development more with Chinese customers’ unique requirements”.

“A strong presence in China is key to support both Chinese clients aiming to expand their business internationally and for non-Chinese companies looking for effective channels to deal with Chinese customers,” adds Willy Kwa, Regional Director APAC at SafeCharge. “All customers want the same, no matter where they are located: they want to be supported closely, especially when they are entering unknown markets”.

Thanks to its comprehensive business relationships with Alipay, Tencent and Union Pay, SafeCharge aims at developing further support for Western clients accepting payments from Chinese customers and marketing their product and services to local customers.

“China is taking a leading role in the global economy, specifically in the field of e-commerce and payments innovation” says David Avgi, CEO at SafeCharge. “Besides providing local support to new Chinese international players, we have expanded our footprint in China to learn and develop strong partnerships as we believe Chinese companies will play a very important role in the future of fintech innovation.”

Fast-growing travel technology company take off towards a smoother payment experience with SafeCharge, online travel provider specialising in virtual interlining, rolls out SafeCharge Payments Engine to seamlessly accept payments from travellers anywhere in the world.

SafeCharge (AIM: SCH), the payments partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology, today announced it has partnered with, the fast-growing online travel business providing flight and vehicle transportation services. The collaboration will enable to provide a smooth payment experience for travellers worldwide and accept a full range of traditional and alternative payment methods. Thanks to its direct connections to major card schemes as well as to over 150 local payment methods, SafeCharge drives higher payment conversions by offering customers their preferred payment methods.

As one of the fastest-growing online travel agencies in the world, pioneered its Virtual Interlining Technology which can analyse over 15 billion flight combinations – from non-cooperating airlines – into a single itinerary, to provide the best customer experience within any given budget. With the need to match increasingly different booking experiences from customers around the globe, has furthered its mission to make travelling simpler and more accessible by investing in the latest payments technology.

“In today’s globalised world, providing a flexible travel platform that can adapt to passengers’ varying travel needs is vital to success. To offer the best experience possible to our global customer base, we needed a payments technology provider who not only shared our ambitious mindset, but also possessed a knowledge of cross-border payments,” said Juraj Striezenec, Chief Financial Officer at “By partnering with SafeCharge, we are able to take advantage of a solid payments technology infrastructure that will ultimately enable us to grow and expand into other markets.”

“We were looking for a payment partner able to provide global acquiring with a wide portfolio of global solutions”, adds Natália Čermáková, Payment Specialist at “Our partnership with SafeCharge will allow us to offer to our clients more payment products, more currencies and an improved overall customer experience. This is key for a company as that aims to quickly roll out in new markets”.

SafeCharge will be providing local and international payment processing services under one roof, enabling to easily manage its global transaction flows and giving the most secure and easy way for a passenger to book a holiday. By providing a seamless checkout experience, will be able to increase conversion rates and scale up internationally.

David Avgi, CEO at SafeCharge, added, “with digital shopping increasing dramatically in volume, omnichannel experience is becoming a must for the next generation travellers. And with the rise of local payment preferences, it is important for merchants to fine-tune their payments strategies to streamline the shopping experience for customers around the world. This partnership once again demonstrates the capabilities of our native payments platform as the ideal solution for travel businesses demanding flexible solutions to grow and expand internationally.”

Gett simplifies and streamlines reconciliation from all its payment providers with SafeCharge

Global ride-sharing app company rolls out SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager, a solution empowering efficient reconciliation across four payment partners through matching and reconciliation automation.


SafeCharge (AIM: SCH), the partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology, today announced an extension of its partnership with Gett – the global on-demand mobility company – to streamline payment reconciliation processes across all its payment partners globally. The company has chosen to rely on SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager to automate the matching of transactions across acquirers, payment gateways, banks and customers, preventing revenue losses due to mismatches or incorrect fee charges.

Gett’s on-demand mobility app is available across 120 cities worldwide across the UK, the US, Israel and Russia, allowing millions of customers to reach their destination on a daily basis. With mobility services often resulting in very complex processes involving fare splits, foreign banks and drivers having to be paid for the correct amount, SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager will allow the business to automatically prevent payment mismatches, duplicate billing, invoicing errors and rebate withholding. Thanks to a constant snapshot of account balances for all payment methods in a single, integrated report, Gett has now more control over their revenues to grow the business further.

“We chose SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager because of the company’s extensive experience in the payments industry and deep understanding of the pain-points when it comes to the reconciliation and matching of transactions,” said Guy Douek, Global Head of Payments at Gett.“ At Gett, we process tens of millions of transactions and as such, we need to reconcile information from various banks, gateway providers, corporate banks, acquiring banks and internal systems. SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager has automated the process, freeing up resources from what was a tedious and manual task prone to human error, enabling us to concentrate on investigating and sorting any payment gaps.”

“For businesses operating within complex payment scenarios, SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager is the ideal solution to streamline all reporting into a single unified overview, to ensure that all payments have been received correctly and that processing fees are in line with related service contracts,” explained Yuval Ziv, CCO, SafeCharge. “Many unforeseen circumstances can negatively impact the reconciliation process, from switching to a new provider, to hidden fees. Our solution is saving our customers thousands of dollars in revenue, putting them back in control of their payments systems.”

Luxury eCommerce Service Provider, The Level Group Harnesses Latest Payments Trends with SafeCharge

eCommerce specialist implements SafeCharge Payments Engine to enable over 20 major brands to seamlessly accept payments anywhere in the world

SafeCharge (AIM: SCH), the partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology, today announced it has partnered with The Level Group, the provider of e-commerce solutions for over twenty of the most prestigious names in luxury and fashion. With this partnership, The Level Group aims to reduce the complexities associated with cross-border payment processing and meet the needs of an increasingly diverse customer base who have been demanding seamless, personalised shopping experiences regardless of location or device.

The Level Group provides a variety of services aimed at designing, curating and managing online brand experiences across luxury, design and fashion industries. With payments technology identified as a key business differentiator and a mission-critical component of an effective multinational online strategy, the company introduced the SafeCharge Payment Engine across its portfolio to streamline the online shopping experience for each brand and increase sales conversion at checkout.

“A successful e-commerce platform is one that provides both a great browsing experience, and the ability for shoppers to easily complete a transaction regardless of their location. We realised that in order to provide the best possible experience to our customers around the world, we needed to partner with a payments technology provider who understands these specific industry requirements, and the intricacies of cross-border e-commerce,” said Francesco Musardo, Chief Insight Officer, The Level Group. “Thanks to SafeCharge our customers will be able to ensure a seamless checkout experience for shoppers anywhere in the world, which should significantly improve end-user satisfaction and deliver an uplift in conversion rates.”

The SafeCharge Payment Engine will enable The Level Group to process all the most popular cards including Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Union Pay, JCB Discover and Diners. The partnership will also provide access to a wide range of local payment methods such as Giropay, iDeal, Sofort, Bank Transfer, Qiwi, Alipay and WeChat Pay to adapt to individual customer preferences and popular new ways to pay.

“SafeCharge and The Level Group share the same dedication to providing innovative end-to-end solutions that ensure the most seamless customer journeys,” explained David Avgi, CEO, SafeCharge. “We trust that by delivering a fast and easy SafeCharge-powered checkout experience for customers around the world, we’ll help to further strengthen The Level Group’s outstanding international growth.”


Setoo selects SafeCharge payments technology to help revolutionise the insurance market

Insurance industry disruptor Setoo chooses SafeCharge multi-directional payment technology to deliver seamless payments and automated compensation


Today, SafeCharge, the partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology – announces its integration with insurance and protection-as-a-service company Setoo.

Setoo has integrated SafeCharge’s technology to facilitate multi-directional payment processing through its platform, enabling the seamless transfers of funds and avoiding the need for any complicated insurance claim processes. Some of the more traditional insurance products focus on standard cancellation packages, involving lengthy and cumbersome processes that rarely entice consumers into purchasing insurance protection. Setoo is disrupting the insurance market with its parametric insurance products, which enable e-businesses to create and sell personalised insurance products that require no claim process from the consumer.

Through Setoo’s platform, e-businesses can quickly and easily integrate these simple insurance products into their customers’ journey with compensation dispensed automatically. The platform enables e-businesses to protect its customers against exogenous events that can ruin their experience, such as missed flight connections, lost parcels and adverse weather conditions.


“Payment technology plays an extremely crucial role in the smooth running of our platform” stated Eyal Gluska Co-founder & Co-CEO of Setoo. “A key differentiator for us is our ability to improve customer experience by removing the need for any claim process and providing immediate compensation. SafeCharge’s technology enables us to manage our transaction flows securely and efficiently without the need to rely on multiple providers for pay-in and pay-out, and it empowers automatic payment of compensation at a crucial moment in the consumer journey”.

“We are excited to support Setoo in its mission to revolutionise the insurance world with parametric-based products” explained Yuval Ziv, CCO of SafeCharge. “Payments have become a strategic differentiator for modern organisations and a secret sauce of innovation. Thanks to our proven technology, Setoo can enable e-businesses to generate vital ancillary revenue opportunities and provide the utmost customer experience. We look forward to working with the team and drive innovation across the insurance industry.”

SafeCharge partners with World Duty Free to offer WeChat Pay in-store at London Heathrow airport

Enabling one of the most popular Chinese mobile payment methods has become a must for those merchants wanting to deliver the best shopping experience to the increasing numbers of Chinese visitors

Today, SafeCharge (LON:SCH) — the partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology — announced it has partnered with World Duty Free at London Heathrow Airport, enabling Chinese travelers to conveniently pay for their goods using WeChat Pay, a widely adopted e-wallet payment solution in China. World Duty Free now relies on SafeCharge’s new mobile POS application, a solution for merchants to easily accept QR code-based payment methods.

According to VisitBritain, over 330,000 Chinese travelers visited the UK during last year alone, injecting over one billion pounds into the economy in 2017. Reflecting this spending power, WeChat Pay conveniently supports Chinese shoppers with higher transaction values, presenting a convenient payment solution for those merchants able to take advantage of it. WeChat also offers effective online marketing opportunities to increase interaction with consumers, with coupons, cash-back promotions and many other features further driving Chinese customers to those shops accepting the payment method.

Commenting on the introduction of the payment system, Tony O’Donnell, UK Financial Controller at World Duty Free said, “Since the initial rollout in Terminal 4 we have seen a steady increase in transaction volumes and are currently in the process of extending this capability across the other Heathrow terminals. SafeCharge has been instrumental in supporting our fast deployment with high level quality support and we look forward to working closely with the team as we continue to expand across more locations and concessions.”

The SafeCharge Point of Sale app is an application downloadable from popular App Stores and available for both iOS and Android devices. Thanks to an intuitive interface, it connects to the SafeCharge Payments Engine allowing merchants to generate a QR code either on the Seller’s side, or a scanning one on the Buyer’s device. The app requires no technical integration and it is a convenient solution to provide a frictionless tap-and-go shopping experience for customers.

“Chinese shoppers are among the most tech savvy in the world, and take the ability to go cashless and make mobile payments at home for granted. With Chinese tourism growing at a 20% rate every year, it has become vital for merchants to adapt to offer these valued customers the service and experience that they expect – and that means accepting Chinese alternative payment methods whether online, in their shops, pop-up stores or outdoor markets in order to remain competitive,” said David Avgi, CEO, SafeCharge. “Our new SafeCharge Point of Sale App has been developed to help businesses serve an increasing number of customers who normally default to QR code-based payments methods, for a better shopping experience and increased revenues.”

Snaitech, one of Italy’s largest Gaming Operators, chooses SafeCharge

Leading payment technology firm selected in order to improve player gaming experience

SafeCharge(AIM: SCH), a leading payment technology company, today announced that Snaitech, one of the largest Italian gaming operators, has migrated its entire end-to-end payment processing infrastructure to the SafeCharge Payments Engine. Snaitech has selected SafeCharge to improve the user experience for millions of players.

Snaitech is a leader in betting retail and among the main operators in gaming machines on the Italian market, offering a vast range of gaming and entertaining services online and at the point of sale, including online and mobile sports and horse racing betting, poker cash and poker tournament, bingo, lotteries and number games. By migrating to the SafeCharge Payments Engine, the gaming operator will benefit from the SafeCharge Cashier, a fully-optimised payment pages enabling secure deposit and withdrawal of funds in a fully-compliant manner. This new technology allows players to seamlessly place bets and collect winnings to their bank accounts using the payment method of their choice across mobile and web devices.

“We identified SafeCharge as the ideal payment partner to meet the expectations of players demanding a seamless deposit and withdrawal journey for their online and mobile gaming experiences,” said Fabio Schiavolin, Snaitech CEO. “We can now cater for a very diverse player base with a variety of preferred payment methods. SafeCharge is a leading payments technology company. The reliable and safety guarantee in payment processing will allow us to offer our customers an increasingly safe and simple user experience”.

Using SafeCharge, Snaitech benefits from a direct connection to VISA and Mastercard schemes and a variety of Italy’s most popular e-Wallets including PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.

“We are excited to be working with Snaitech to enhance the gaming experience for players in Italy,” stated Yuval Ziv, COO, SafeCharge. “The fact that Snaitech has selected us continues to demonstrate how SafeCharge is the best fit for merchants operating in demanding industries with complex regulatory requirements.  We are confident that leveraging our smart payments technology and expertise will greatly contribute to Snaitech’s continued success.”



SafeCharge Limited is an Electronic Money Institution authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and is a principal member of MasterCard, Visa and Unionpay International (CUP). SafeCharge Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution. Both SafeCharge companies are wholly owned by SafeCharge International Group Limited.