FAQ: UK CREDIT CARD BAN ON GAMBLING SafeCharge is ready, are you?


The UK gambling commission has announced a ban on the use of consumer credit cards to pay for gambling-related activities within Great Britain. The ban, which will come into effect on 14 April 2020, follows the commission’s review of online gambling and the government’s review of social responsibility measures.

This new measure will apply to both online and offline gambling products (excluding local and national lotteries).

SafeCharge is prepared to support our merchants through this new regulation and help keep their businesses compliant, while maintaining high conversions.

What will be the impact on operators due to the credit card ban by the UKCG?

The impact will be directly related to the operator’s quantity/volume of credit card deposit traffic.

How will SafeCharge block the credit cards?

SafeCharge can block credit card transactions on all levels: Hosted payment page (Cashier), REST API, Gateway and Risk level.

All of SafeCharge’s blocking solutions allow merchants to define which type of block they would like to set based on the following parameters:

  • by user country
  • by card issuer country
  • by transaction type: deposit/withdrawal
  • by credit card solution (e.g. Apple Pay)

SafeCharge Cashier

  • We will prevent users from entering credit card information into our Cashier. The system will display a validation error upon entering credit card details, accompanied by the following message: “Credit cards are not allowed on this site. Please use a different card type”.

Rest API

  • For merchants using SafeCharge’s REST API, SafeCharge will display the card type (Credit / Debit) and card issuer country in SafeCharge’s DMN to enable merchants to perform actions on their side.
    • Any merchant using tokenization by the “cardTokenization” API method, will be able to glean the necessary information by evaluating the “cardTokenization” response. New fields will show if this is a debit or a credit card, complete with issuer bank information.
    • In addition, card registration by “Authorization Zero” will respond with the card type (debit/credit), as well as with issuer bank information.
    • For existing cards, the “getUserUPOs” API method, will also respond with issuer bank information, in addition to details regarding the pre-existing card type.


  • We can block credit cards on the SafeCharge Gateway – prior to processing a transaction, the Gateway will perform a check, and if a merchant is set up to block credit card transactions from a specific jurisdiction, these transactions will be blocked.

Risk level

  • SafeCharge will set up risk filters to:
    • Block credit cards by user country
    • Block credit cards by card issuer country
    • Blocking credit cards by transaction type: deposit
    • Block credit cards for both new and existing cards
    • Block credit card solutions that support Apple Pay

What about Apple Pay?

  • Our solution includes information about whether the player has previously used debit or credit cards in their Apple Pay transaction list within the “token.paymentMethod.type” field, which is returned to the merchant along with the payment token.
  • Apple Pay transactions that are initiated from a credit card (in the case that the merchant is configured to block credit cards in a specific jurisdiction) will be blocked on SafeCharge’s Cashier and Gateway. Merchants can also restrict credit cards on the Apple Pay side by setting the right flags in the “merchantCapabilites” field on the Apple Pay API.

How this will be handled for alternative payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller?

  • SafeCharge is working closely with our payment partners.
    • PayPal will block credit card transactions on their side (we expect to receive the full solution shortly, but they confirmed that no additional effort will be required from the merchants).
    • Neteller will block credit cards transactions on their side (we expect to receive the full solution shortly, but they confirmed that no additional effort will be required from the merchants).
    • Skrill will block credit card transactions on their side (we expect to receive the full solution shortly, but they confirmed that no additional effort will be required from the merchants).

What about new credit cards issued? How often SafeCharge update its BIN list to take into consideration these new cards?

  • SafeCharge’s BIN list is updated daily, based on Visa and Mastercard records.
  • Any new credit card issued will be recognised within our system.

Can operators accept credit cards from outside the UK? If a player is registered outside of the UK can their UK credit card be accepted?

Yes, operators may accept credit cards from outside the UK as well as those from players registered outside of the UK.

As our clients’ success is our first priority, we’ve expedited the development of our solution and several operators have already begun to successfully block credit card transactions within the UK.

If you are a SafeCharge client, please reach out to your customer success manager to discuss your requirements, and to define which type of blocks you would like to be have set.

If you are a UK operator and would like guidance surrounding the new legislation, we are offering free consultations. Please complete the short form below and our iGaming team will be in contact shortly.

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