Millennials buying behaviour scored at the World Cup

Be it shopping, fun or mobility, millennials have adopted new ways of doing things. Following a day in the life of a millennial, we see how this generation is changing commerce and demanding business to adapt to their “always on” way of life.

Meet Reuben. He is what you would call a typical millennial. He loves music, travel, food and he loves sports! It’s no wonder that he had big plans for the FIFA World Cup18 finals. He is the most vocal supporter of his team at his workplace and his twitter feed is filled with all the latest memes. That’s Millennial Reuben in a nutshell.

Reuben’s latest tweet (below)

Sunday 15th July

It’s Sunday morning and after the great match yesterday he is looking forward to the final match in the evening. But before that, he has a lot to do!


His bank app notified him that he had to pay some bills. It took him two cups of coffee and his mobile device to not only pay for the utilities but also renew his subscription for Netflix. That’s the thing about Reuben, his mobile device is his lifeline. His phone has all sorts of apps, e-wallets, games and everything that he needs to make his life smoother and easier.

77% of Europeans use their phone for everyday purchases.1  Transactions via Mobile Payments across Europe amounted to over €39 million in 2018. 2



It’s now time to try and cross the level of his favourite racing game. Crash, Slam and Bang! He decides he needs a better car to clear this level. A mid game pop up helps him buy the car of his choice. The next level now seems doable. Just like calling a cab or booking a movie ticket, Reuben prefers his online game purchases to be as easy as a click. Convenience is everything.

Millennials have played Call of Duty for as many hours as the entirety of human existence.3         No wonder the online gaming business is booming.



After whipping up a quick lunch, Reuben finds a delivery guy at his door. It’s the team jersey he ordered yesterday. The earlier one was completely destroyed during one of the goal celebrations. He also bought some colourful hairdos, flags and party poppers for the match. He is now all set for the finals.

It was estimated that the UK retail economy will get a £ 2.7 billion boost
had England made it to the finals.4


Reuben is wearing the jersey. It’s now time to grab some munchies and head over to his friend’s place. His gang soon joins him for the game. It’s time for the FINALS! The first goal came at 18 minutes into the game. Reuben’s friend, Max is fretting over his bids. Max has wagered a small amount on his home team and looks like he is winning. Things couldn’t have been better for Reuben and Max.

In the UK, online betting statistics showed 33% increase in the payment processed volumes between the week before the World Cup to the final week of Group stages. 5


It’s halftime and Max declared he is treating his friends. With one eye on the screen and another on his mobile, he orders food and pays via PayPal. After all, he is not going to miss a goal for something as trivial as paying for Pizza.

A younger generation prefers online delivery at home, specially group orders. McDonald’s continues to sponsor events like the World Cup 18 and tied up with UberEats to cater to the high demand for home delivery and expand its business into a new vertical.6



Reuben’s team won!!! Of course, he is partying hard. But now that World Cup is officially over, he needs to get back to thinking about work. After mid-night Reuben calls a cab to take him home. On the way, he remembers he needs to book flight tickets for his upcoming conference in Barcelona. He is sure he will forget it on Monday morning. Click, click and flight booked. His phone, connected to his payment cards and wallets mean that he does everything on the go. Now, after all the excitement, it is time to catch some z’s.

Over a period of 4th June to 15th July 2018, data has shown +50.5% year on year increase of forward bookings for international arrivals in Russia.7


So, that’s how Reuben spent his Sunday. A closer look at his routine shows that he is a typical example of how his generation is changing the way commerce goes. And this, in turn, is pushing businesses to adapt to Reuben’s way of doing things. Easy payments, convenience and accessibility with a dash of fun. The new generation is pushing, changing and sculpting the way forward for a new era of businesses, payments and more.

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