SafeCharge Local: SafeCharge and Visa collaboration to offer new payment options for small businesses impacted by COVID-19

COVID-19 is unquestionably changing the existing business environment, and perhaps also the future of how we do business. Social distancing and lock downs globally have led to supply chain issues and many businesses at all points in the chain are vulnerable. Small brick-and-mortar businesses and sole traders are amongst the most at risk, particularly those without an online presence.

Visa recently surveyed UK consumers and small business owners to gain clear insight on the pandemic’s affect.

The majority of our clients are e-commerce merchants, such as online retail, games, and non-contact business models; they are best-placed to adapt and thrive as a result of the crisis. Nevertheless, we recognised the current economic landscape and felt morally obligated to help small, traditional business and service providers struggling to survive, particularly those who provide essentials to their communities, such as local manufacturers, farmers, suppliers, restaurants and wholesalers.

SafeCharge is in a perfect position to support these local suppliers and sole traders. In collaboration with Visa we are offering a new initiative: SafeCharge Local. Merchants without a website can now accept payments using SafeCharge Paylink, thus providing an alternative digital revenue stream to facilitate payments.

We now offer our Paylink technology for free to qualified merchants. It is device agnostic, PCI compliant, requires no integration and enables merchants to quickly trade safely and legally. We offer fast onboarding to qualified merchants so they can start accepting payments within days.

How does it work? Paylink offers small business owners two options to initiate payments directly from SafeCharge’s Control Panel.

1. QR or Payment Link Generator
The merchant generates a QR code with a unique link through SafeCharge’s Control Panel and shares it with their customer. The link redirects the customer to a secure payments page where they can immediately pay. A notification is sent to the merchant in real time about the customers payment completion.
2. Payment Page (Virtual POS/Terminal)
The merchant generates a secure payment page via SafeCharge’s Control Panel and completes the card details during a telephone call with the customer and places the order.

Furthermore, the merchant has real time access to all transaction information through our Control Panel.

We believe that what began as a short-term trend in response to a public health crisis will in fact continue long into the future as a result of consumers becoming used to the convenience of such innovative, contactless methods.

SafeCharge is proud to offer this practical yet innovative solution during a time of crisis and continues to support our merchants during the good times and bad.

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About the author:
James Perrett, VP Retail, SafeCharge, a Nuvei company
James Perrett is an experienced finance executive with a proven track record developing and delivering on payment strategies for some of the world’s most recognisable retail brands.
Passionate about commerce, payments and customer experience, James heads up retail for SafeCharge, a Nuvei company, and a member of the IMRG Taskforce.



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