Would the world’s most famous spy pass your eKYC test?

…or a non-boring way to understand how Identity Manager authenticates customers.

The famous British spy, a certain Mr. James B, has been suspended from his job.

At least for the time being, that is. So, for a few months now, he is chilling, chasing imaginary crooks and secretly getting addicted to games. Not a surprising thing since most Brits love to wager. In 2018, players across Great Britain spent an estimated £14.4bn on gaming activities.

So, if you are an online casino, would you know if the world most famous British spy visited your platform? A lot of customer authentication checks are placed on online platforms to ensure the identity of the players. Will he be flagged? Let’s look at what happens.

The eagle has landed

The Queen’s spy is on your online gaming platform – Casino Royale. He is now going to create an account and register himself as a player.

The payment page asks to provide the payment details and amount to be deposited. He deposits £1000. Now, unknown to Mr. B, a background check has been activated. The Casino wants to make sure that fraudsters are not granted access to the games. They are also legally obliged to authenticate the customer and need to make sure that the person logging in is of legal age. So, the online Casino Royale has SafeCharge Identity Manager to help check and authenticate players.

As Mr. B makes a deposit using his payment details, SafeCharge Identity Manager initiates an eKYC check.

Identity Manager connects with various eKYC providers across the world, it will connect to the relevant provider to perform the eKYC. Mr. B’s details are checked by a local provider. The date of birth is checked – all good here, the person is of legal age to be on this gaming platform. Next, the name and the address are checked. Something is not right, so the check fails. Uh oh, this needs some more checking.

After the first check fails, it is automatically rerouted to the second provider. Something does not match again. Mr. James B, after all, is known to jump from location to location. SafeCharge Identity Manager is smart enough to match multiple parameters but, in this case, something else is the matter. After the second failed check, the system needs more information and documents. This is when Identity Manager shows the document upload screen to James Bond.

All this has taken just a few seconds. Mr. B now sees the pop up that asks him to upload a valid document to prove his identity. He finds a copy of his passport and uploads it.

Paging Mr. James B

After the document is uploaded, if it is not properly visible, SafeCharge Identity Manager asks to upload another document. In Mr. B’s case, the passport is clearly visible. Identity Manager captures the specific sections of the passport to continue with the eKYC and document verification process.

The casino gets a notification if the document verification is successful, failed or needs a manual review. You can see the details of the checks in the Control Panel.

But it is the world’s most famous spy after all, his passport is flagged! As a part of eKYC, SafeCharge Identity Manager also checks something called the PEP and Sanctions list. Here identities are checked for aliases, association to terror groups, political persons or other persons of interest. Mr. James B’s passport has all the bells ringing.

Sanctions checks are searches across several government sanction databases that identify individuals who are prohibited from certain activities or industries. Sanctions check search within various databases. Mr. James B pops up in the HM Treasury list. This is the Queen’s private account and probably Mr. B’s salary is paid from this account. PEP and Sanctions check is part of eKYC, but this is still a routine check, and since he is not a criminal, technically nothing stops him from playing on your platform.

Now, had it been a normal person, these checks would have been unnoticed by you. Most of the things are automated and unless there is a red flag, you would not have been notified. It is important for casinos to keep players happy and provide instant access to their games, your business depends on it. But it is equally important to stop fraudsters in their tracks. SafeCharge Identity Manager with its automation and various checks ensures you can quickly and correctly manage customer authentication as well as provide fraud prevention checks to manage risk.

But what about Mr. B?

Despite making an appearance on various checks, he is not a criminal. As Casino Royale’s manager, the decision rests with you. You can choose to accept the evidence provided by Identity Manager and allow Mr. B to play at your online casino, or you can reject and blacklist him so that he can never log on your platform.

Knowing your customers

Identity verification and customer authentication is becoming crucial for all kinds of businesses. Identity Manager is one of its kind product that can be adapted for several scenarios such as seller onboarding for marketplaces, document and identity verification for customers of various businesses such as insurance companies or even car rentals.

SafeCharge Identity Manager manages authentication checks in a seamless way helping businesses to increase conversions and reduce drop-offs. The automated solution with its range of global vendors streamlines the complex customer authentication process while lowering the workload for businesses.

  • Seamless eKYC and document uploading experience
  • Unified access to a selection of global vendors
  • Single contract for all local identification providers
  • Smart routing flow checks across providers
  • Streamline customer authentication processes
  • Minimise risk for the business
  • Compliance to various industry regulations

So, if it’s the licenced agent, a villain or an average Joe, Identity Manager will be there to verify the identity of all the users on your platform to help you manage risk and keep up with the ever-changing regulations.

Speak to our team to learn how SafeCharge Identity Manager can meet your customer authentication requirements.

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