Simplify KYC
and digital identity verification

SafeCharge Identity Manager is a one stop shop solution designed to meet the Know Your Customer (KYC) and identity management requirements of businesses. It connects to the relevant identity management service providers worldwide enabling businesses to keep up with the latest regulatory compliance requirements while protecting the business against fraud.

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Key Benefits

Seamless eKYC and document uploading experience

Single contract for all local identification providers

Smart routing flow checks across providers

Embedded within payment pages and also available via API

Unified reporting under one interface

Seamless process of identity verification across providers

the diagram of a successful ekyc process across providers

Compliance with regulations

Minimising risk with identity verification

Identifying customers is essential to keeping your business safe, especially in highly regulated markets. Identity Manager offers various checks including eKYC, Age verification, PEP and Sanction checks as well as document verification. Its intuitive document upload and verification interface ensure that the entire procedure is easy to manage.

Connect to global providers

Security in new markets

SafeCharge Identity Manager is connected to a selection of identity verification providers worldwide. Our team of experts provide recommendations on choosing the right provider for each region helping you reduce risk when entering new markets. Our smart routing approach ensures that if for any reason, the verification is not successful, the request is redirected to a different supplier to continue the check process.

Seamless user experience

Increase your conversion

Embedded within the Cashier and also accessible via API, Identity Manager offers a seamless way to onboard users and manage identity verification without compromising your conversion. With Identity Manager, the complex KYC process is streamlined while ensuring compliance to regulations.

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Reporting under a unified interface

Centralised data reporting

The Identity Manager is connected to SafeCharge Control Panel for reporting. All checks performed via multiple identification suppliers can be reviewed through unified reporting including user status of eKYC process, check reports as well as manage the overall status reviews.

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