Multidirectional payments for marketplaces

The Marketplace Manager is designed to fulfil the payment needs of marketplaces. From seller onboarding, pay-ins, pay-outs, conversions, split payments to regulatory compliance, the Marketplace Manager can handle it all.

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Did you know?

Our report found that by 2020 almost 40% of the world’s online retail market will be controlled by marketplaces. Read the full report to learn more about the best practices for marketplace payments.

Frictionless onboarding

Fast onboarding of sellers

To reduce friction for sellers, a marketplace account can be opened by making a simple set of API calls.  The sellers can provide minimum details and additional compliances are run at a later stage. The entire onboarding process is handled in the background by the Marketplace Manager and requires no direct interface with the seller.

Marketplace payment solutions

See your payment flow

The clickable step-by-step guide below gives you a better understanding on how Marketplace Manager works through the entire payments journey.

Accept payments

Buyers make payments for their purchase on the marketplace with customisable Checkout page. The Checkout page offers additional benefits such as relevant payment options, local language and currency support as well as one-click payments for returning shoppers.

Escrow account

After the transaction is completed, the money is kept in a segregated escrow account until the service is fulfilled or the product is shipped.

API based instructions

The marketplace instructs via API calls to transfer payment from the escrow account to the seller account while the commission is automatically paid to the marketplace.

Select pay-out options

Marketplace Manager offers multiple pay-out options to the seller from direct bank transfer through prepaid debit cards to PayPal.

Refund payment management

If the product or the service is not properly delivered by the seller, the marketplace can instruct the Marketplace Manager to facilitate a full refund.

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Split payments

Single payments to multiple directions

Buyers often select several products from different sellers and pay for all products with a single transaction. With its split payment function, the Marketplace Manager enables marketplaces to receive a single payment and split between different sellers easily. It handles the currency conversion and gives you full control of pay-outs, including the time and the level of commission.

Regulatory Compliance

Managing payment regulations

The Marketplace Manager takes complete responsibility for all the payment regulatory aspects. This relieves marketplaces from additional efforts of maintaining a payments license. Since the Marketplace Manager takes care of onboarding, payment acceptance and split payments, marketplaces don’t need to deal with the hassle of regulatory compliances, such as PSD2 or PCI.

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