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Marketplaces need solutions that can easily manage complex multidirectional payments and comply with evolving regulations. SafeCharge Marketplace Manager allows marketplaces to outsource a part or full payment function including payment flow and splitting while simplifying the regulatory compliance needs.


A large number of sellers are crucial to the success of marketplaces. The Marketplace Manager offers a fast and seamless onboarding process integrated within the marketplace platform, a key asset to increase seller retention.

Payment Management

Accepting payments from shoppers, holding funds in an escrow account and settling payments for multiple sellers as well as the marketplace by splitting them, the Marketplace Manager is a solution that does it all.


Marketplace Manager helps reduce the scope of compliance for marketplaces by taking complete responsibility for all the payments regulatory aspects of seller onboarding, payment acceptance, pay-outs and more.

How does the Marketplace Manager work?

The Marketplace Manager is designed to meet the needs of marketplaces. From onboarding sellers to managing payments, split payments and even pay-outs, the Marketplace Manager can do it all. It also simplifies compliance issues for businesses including the upcoming PSD2 regulation. Watch the video to know more.

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  • How can Marketplace Manager help to scale up quickly? The business needs to get as many qualified meal sellers as possible onto the platform. Can you help with that?
  • How will you assist to smoothly checkout its buyers?
  • How can Marketplace Manager set up payments flows and build trust between the buyers and sellers?
  • Can Marketplace Manager split payments between various sellers and also split a commission for the business?
  • How does Marketplace Manager manage seller pay-outs?
  • If a business outsources payment management to the Marketplace Manager, can it still be in control?
  • Is it easy for developers to integrate the Marketplace Manager?
  • Can Marketplace Manager keep up with my ambitions and evolve with the business?

The online landscape is changing fast with the evolution of marketplaces across industries. Our report found that by 2020 almost 40% of the world’s online retail market will be controlled by marketplaces. It also throws light on the best practices for marketplaces to design a successful payments strategy.

Seamless and fast seller onboarding

To start selling in a marketplace, the seller needs to open an account on the marketplace website. This should be a quick and frictionless process to retain the seller. The Marketplace Manager enables the marketplace to open a seller account using a set of API calls. The seller can start quickly by providing minimum details and additional compliance information such as Know your Customer (KYC) is run at a later stage and is mandatory to get paid.

During the onboarding process, the seller provides information about how he wants to be paid, either direct bank transfer, immediate settlement through a PAY.COM prepaid account, through a transfer to a credit card or PayPal. The selection of a pay-out option can also be provided or updated after the onboarding process is completed which includes providing full regulatory compliance information.

The entire seller onboarding process is handled by the Marketplace Manager in the background and requires no direct interface with the seller while all the interaction with the seller is performed by the marketplace itself.

Payment management for marketplaces

To understand how the Marketplace Manager works, let’s take a look at the entire payments journey on marketplaces.

Buyers make payments for their purchase on the marketplace. The Marketplace Manager can provide the marketplace with customisable payment pages that offer benefits such as all the relevant payment options, local language and currency based on the buyers’ location and one-click payment for returning shoppers.

Once the transaction is complete, the money is kept in a segregated escrow account until the service is fulfilled or the seller ships the product. Upon service completion or product delivery, the marketplace instructs through an API call to transfer payment from the escrow account to the seller and the commission is automatically paid to the marketplace.

The Marketplace Manager offers multiple options for paying out to the seller with the most popular being a direct bank transfer and payment via prepaid debit cards or PayPal. Another very interesting payment option possible is a pay-out on a credit card via CFT.

In case the seller has not properly granted the service or product, the marketplace can instruct the Marketplace Manager to facilitate a full refund of the funds to the buyer.

In every aspect of the payments journey, the Marketplace Manager plays an active role to make the process frictionless and to provide a unified solution for all the payments needs of marketplaces.

The smart payment management cycle

Payment splitting for multiple sellers and marketplace commissions

It is a common scenario where we see a buyer select various products from different sellers and pay for all the products with a single payment transaction.

Now, the marketplace needs to find a reliable way to pay the correct amount to each seller. This further becomes complicated when each seller needs to be paid in a different currency. If manually processed, this can be an exceptionally time consuming and a potentially high risk process for the marketplace. Even more complicated is the management of fees and commissions.

The Marketplace Manager, with its split payment capabilities, enables the marketplace to receive a single payment from the buyer (for multiple goods from a combination of sellers) and then split that payment to the different sellers. It also takes care of the currency conversions for payments to sellers from different geographies.

This automated solution gives you full control of the transactions and pay-outs, deciding the timing and level of commission to be charged. The Marketplace Manager is an innovative product that is automated and compliant, giving marketplaces the opportunity to scale faster.

Regulatory Compliance

Marketplace Manager takes complete responsibility for all the payments regulatory aspects. This relieves European marketplaces from the efforts required to become a regulated entity in the EU with Payment Institution (PI) license under the European Payments Service Directive. As Marketplace Manager handles the entire process including seller onboarding (with necessary Know Your Customers measures), payment acceptance and split settlement, the marketplaces are relieved from the need to become a regulated European payments entity (PI license) and their PCI compliance liability is significantly reduced.

SafeCharge Limited is an Electronic Money Institution authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and is a principal member of MasterCard, Visa and Unionpay International (CUP). SafeCharge Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution. Both SafeCharge companies are wholly owned by SafeCharge International Group Limited.