Take your business across the world

Business expansion should not be limited by geographical location. You can reach new customers across the world by integrating multiple payment methods and offering them the option of paying in their language, currency and preferred local payment method.

One integration for multiple payment preferences

Credit or debit cards are usually seen as the foremost method of payment. But as businesses move into new geographies there are instances where some countries prefer certain non-conventional payment methods. By integrating these local payment methods you offer a comfortable solution to your customers helping your business gain foothold in new economies.

Go local for conversions

It is easier to build a customer base and loyalty if you offer your customer a preferred payment option in local language and currencies. Add a local touch to your cross-border payments to see a rise in conversions.

Our presence

A global business needs a global payment service provider. SafeCharge has offices worldover to learn and understand the needs of businesses in diverse geographies and to provide support.


We support more than 150 currencies to help your business expand across the globe.

SafeCharge Limited is an Electronic Money Institution authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and is a principal member of MasterCard, Visa and Unionpay International (CUP). SafeCharge Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution. Both SafeCharge companies are wholly owned by SafeCharge International Group Limited.