Seamless checkouts across channels



Point of Sale


Businesses connecting to SafeCharge Payments Engine have the option of using their own checkout page or use our multi-featured ready-to-use Checkout Page. Businesses using their own checkout page can connect to the Payments Engine via REST API and those using SafeCharge Checkout Page can connect via the iFrame.

SafeCharge Checkout Page can be customised to the look and feel of your website and gives your customers a personalised payment experience every time. Your customers can carry out transactions in their preferred currency, language and view previously used payment methods. Some industries require their checkout page to not just accept payments but also pay-out. SafeCharge Checkout Page has the unique ability to do both, accept payment and manage pay-outs. From simple first-time payment to one-click checkout for repeat customers, the Checkout Page offers various features that help increase conversions.

Benefit of PCI descoping

All businesses that process, transmit or store card data must comply to the demanding set of PCI DSS requirements for the protections of payments data, regardless of the size of the business and number of transactions it processes. Using SafeCharge Checkout Page allows businesses to shift the responsibility of PCI compliance to SafeCharge. We handle the transmission of data between end users and servers, and process all payments.

Businesses using their own checkout pages can also shift responsibility of PCI compliance to SafeCharge. In this scenario, we implement client-side encryption so the data is encrypted from its capture on the merchant website until it reaches SafeCharge’s servers.

In both cases, SafeCharge enables tokenisation of payment which makes all processing safe and help businesses save significantly on costs, time and resources.

Optimised for conversion

The Checkout Page automatically and intelligently detects your customers’ current geolocation and dynamically displays their language, preferred currency and available payment options. We enable you to accept over 150 payment methods. If a payment method fails, the Checkout Page automatically offers your customers another payment option. This localised checkout experience and choice of an alternative payment option in case of decline, results in increased conversion and customer retention.

Ready to use customisable checkout pages

Our ready-to-use checkout pages can be customised to suit the look and feel of any website using a Theme Editor that offers predesigned templates. You can select one that fits your website and customise it to your brand look by selecting your colours, images and fonts.

Secure payments data

All online entities that accept payments have to ensure the card sensitive data is PCI DSS protected (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). For businesses this is a process that requires immense amount of efforts and resources.

When using SafeCharge Checkout pages, PCI DSS responsibility is shifted to us. This means a considerable reduction in costs and required resources while ensuring the security of sensitive data.


Our award-winning Checkout Page is optimised for mobile checkouts with a responsive design that works across all devices as well as iOS and Android operating systems. Available in web browser or SDK in-app, this cross-platform solution is securely connected to our payments platform and supports features such as enhanced mobile 3D- Secure. It is compatible with the latest version of mobile devices as well as a variety of known and less common browsers.

Local payment methods on mobile

The mobile Checkout Page and the in-app module allows payments through credit/debit cards and a large number of alternative and local payment methods.     All new payment methods that are updated to the Checkout Page are seamlessly made available on mobile checkout pages.

Responsive digital experience

Our Checkout Page is responsive. This means that the page adapts to your customers’ display screen. With Responsive Web Design, the Checkout Page intuitively selects a template that is displayed on a device regardless of its screen size.

Secure mobile checkouts

We make sure that your customers sensitive payments data is secure even when they transact from mobile devices. There are different threats associated with mobile fraud such as no fixed IP address. Our robust and innovative Fraud Prevention Solution gives you advanced risk management solutions that minimise fraud and chargebacks, prepare agile risk strategies in response to new threats and ensure secure transactions.

Seamless payments with native SDK in-app

We develop Software Development Kits or SDK in-app, that are compatible with the latest version of mobile devices as well as with iOS and Android operating systems. Customers enjoy a sleek experience as they are not redirected to another browser, rather they are able to make payments directly via the native app.

Super-fast and always on

The entire payments process is smooth and quick, giving your customers an enhanced experience. Our solid infrastructure and innovative technologies make sure that your customer can make payments on the move, round-the-clock.

Point of Sale

In-store payments open up a gamut of possibilities and modes of payments. Through our third party partnerships, we offer businesses various Card-Present terminals. Your customers may use a card with a magnetic strip, contact or contactless Chip or PIN. The certified POS solution intelligently determines which Card Verification Method (CVM) is required in order to complete the payment process, i.e. generate a receipt, key in a PIN code or use the key entry mode where no chip or magnetic stripe are readable.
All transactions that occur online, mobile or at point of sale can be viewed in our consolidated back office. By utilising POS terminals, businesses can extend their offering and support advanced payment processes at physical locations.

Online and offline authorisations

The POS solutions supports both online and offline authorisations. This means, if your location has connectivity issues, we can configure a local gateway acceptance solution for you. If an online authorisation is not possible due to technical difficulties, a business representative is able to activate the offline authorisation process. By confirming the customer’s card pin details locally via the POS device your customer is able to receive the goods or services instantly, while the transaction is processed once connectivity is restored.

Facilitating a two phase transaction

This kind of transaction is useful in situations such as online reservations. The first phase occurs when a Card-Not-Present authorisation is completed via the website or CRM such as making an online reservation for a theatre production. The second phase is performed when the actual payment is completed onsite via a POS terminal – in this case at the actual theatre.


You can provide an unattended POS device/vending machine giving customers 24-hour access to goods and services.

SafeCharge Limited is an Electronic Money Institution authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and is a principal member of MasterCard, Visa and Unionpay International (CUP). SafeCharge Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution. Both SafeCharge companies are wholly owned by SafeCharge International Group Limited.