May 2, 2019

Beauchamp Place embraces payments technology to welcome Chinese visitors

Historic shopping street known for its luxury brands has partnered with SafeCharge to roll out WeChat Pay and Alipay at the Point of Sale, the mobile payment methods used by billions of Chinese consumers on a daily basis

SafeCharge (AIM: SCH), the partner of choice for businesses who demand more from payments technology, today announced a partnership with some of the leading merchants located in Beauchamp Place including McKenna & Co, Lalage Beaumont, Grace Han and Gladwell Patterson, to adequately cater for the increasing number of Chinese shoppers visiting local stores on a regular basis. Through a dedicated mobile app powered by SafeCharge, Beauchamp Place merchants will be able to accept WeChat Pay and Alipay at the point of sale, in an effort to provide a better customer experience at check-out.

Located at the heart of Knightsbridge, Beauchamp Place is one of London’s most prestigious and iconic shopping destinations. Risen to fame during the late 70’s with the establishment of luxury shops and Nouvelle Cuisine restaurants, it set itself apart for being able to provide an exclusive shopping experience to customers from all over the world. Having recently witnessed an increase in the number of Chinese customers visiting the area, local merchants saw an opportunity to embrace technology as a strategic differentiator in order to become more attractive and provide the shopping experience these customers expect.

According to statistics from the UK China Visitor Alliance (UKCVA), the number of Chinese visitors to the UK soared by over 150 percent in the last five years, injecting billions of pounds into the local economy. Having recognised the business opportunity presented by the ever increasing number of Chinese tourists willing to pay with either WeChat or Alipay, Beauchamp Place began the rollout of the SafeCharge Point of Sale app across its well-known brands, enabling merchants to process QR code-based transactions for the most frictionless tap-and-go shopping experience.

“Beauchamp Place is the latest milestone in our journey to provide local merchants with the most innovative payments technology to cater for savvy Chinese visitors expecting to pay with their preferred mobile payment method of choice”, stated Michael Lane, VP Channel Development, SafeCharge. “This collaboration follows a wider trend across the country, which we pioneered in 2017 by rolling out the first WeChat Pay solution at the point of Sale in the UK, at London’s Camden Market. With Chinese tourism expected to continue to grow, we look forward to working with new merchants willing to provide the best shopping experience and highest conversion rates”

Supporting quotes:

  • “We have noticed an increase in Chinese visitors across certain areas of London in the last few years, who are now finding their way to Beauchamp Place. We have seen a spike in Chinese shoppers visiting our store since Christmas and since we expect this trend to grow further, we decided to integrate the latest payments technology that would allow our customers to pay conveniently with their preferred Chinese wallet of choice. The decision was also driven by the need to authorise single high-value transactions – sometimes over 10 thousand pounds – which can be difficult with normal payment methods. We look forward to welcoming more Chinese visitors in the months to come and provide the best experience for them to shop conveniently.” Michael McKenna, store owner, McKenna & Co.
  • “When we were approached by SafeCharge to see if we wanted to install WeChat Pay and AliPay we were delighted. We had noticed that when Chinese visitors have been in our store they wanted to pay with this new technology and we were disappointed not to be able to accept these payments. We are very happy that we now have this installed and can see that it is a very convenient way for customers to pay. We believe that this new technology is the way of the future and other card providers will be adopting it before long. As we are close to Harrods, we often see Chinese tourists in the area and we are very happy to welcome them to our shop and to be able to offer a brand that is unique to London.“ Lalage Beaumont, fashion designer and shop owner, Lalage Beaumont. 
  • “The number of Chinese visitors coming to our gallery has grown considerably over the past few months, becoming a market segment that we could no longer afford to ignore. We somehow needed to address the way we engaged with our Chinese customers and this is why we decided to set up WeChat Pay and Alipay in our gallery on Beauchamp Place, in an effort to provide the best possible experience for our clients.” Emily Campin, Gallery Manager, Gladwell & Patterson
  • “Being customer-centric is one of the values that we uphold — hence why we partnered with Safecharge to integrate WeChat and Alipay solutions into our system. By partnering with one of the best payment service providers, we pave the way to a more seamless and secure shopping experience for our Chinese customers, making them feel right at home overseas. This is something I personally value when I travel and shop abroad.” – Grace Han, Founder & Creative Director of Grace Han

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