Risk solution customised
to your needs

Every company has a different risk management need depending on the business model. Our in-house risk management solution empowers businesses to design a highly customised fraud screening profile adapted to your specific needs, addressing fraudulent activity and chargebacks while boosting sales.

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A full-service solution allowing extensive rule customisation

Flexible fraud prevention

Rules engine to manage fraud

With our flexible Rules Engine, cross-industry experience and accurate overseeing of reports, we monitor your rule performance and make adjustments so that you can spot fraud early and at more stages. SafeCharge customises rules based on your unique profile and can configure over 200 possible combinations of rules and hundreds of parameters.

Rules Engine key features

Wider view across multiple merchants and business models

Flexible configuration with over 200 combinations and parameters

End to end payment and risk solution that is easy to integrate

Cross-industry fraud monitoring

Comparing and reducing fraud globally

Working across industries with many merchants, SafeCharge has extensive experience in managing fraud enabling us to build customise checks in order to stop fraudster in their tracks. We implement a broad range of automated negative list checks on parameters such as credit card numbers, email addresses and customer Id, IP address and more.

SafeCharge Smart 3DS Service

Balancing SCA, security and conversions

SafeCharge provides an acquirer agnostic solution to manage the 3DS complexity as required under PSD2. SafeCharge Smart 3DS dynamically routes transactions via the appropriate 3DS flow. Its online exemption submission engine takes decisions in real-time and based on merchant preferences passes on all the relevant data to the issuer, to facilitate a frictionless flow when possible and to enable higher authorisations.

Key benefits

Acquirer agnostic

Ease of integration

Better mobile UX

More security

Compliance to PSD2

Dynamic 3D Secure

Helping you convert more securely

The 3DS protocol is at different stages of adoption in different geographical regions. Wherever applicable, we use Dynamic 3D Secure to smartly optimise your conversions and reduce abandonment. We identify riskier transactions and route only these through extra authentication checks via Dynamic 3D Secure, while the remaining traffic continues via non-3D Secure.

Below are a two examples of how 3D Secure enables increased conversion

Card issued without a Secure Code

Sometimes your customers have a card that does not require a secure code for online transactions. SafeCharge Payments Engine will send the transactions from cards issued without a secure code through 3D Secure without a customer authentication, however, in this case, the chargeback liability rests with the issuer.

3D Secure rerouting

Sometimes card issuing entities have tighter rules that affect the conversion rate, for e.g lower amount limits on transactions to avoid chargebacks. In this case, the business can set a rule to automatically send low-risk transactions to non-3D Secure for better transaction approvals.

Chargeback Representation

Helping you settle disputes successfully

By using data-rich information based on reports, users, card schemes and our in-depth industry knowledge, we assist you with preparing a successful case that will give you the edge when disputing a chargeback.

Gain insights from data

Smart decisions to increase conversions

You can access detailed reports via our 24/7 accessible online back office or API, giving you a clear overview of fraud and chargebacks information. Our general and customised reporting allows you to make better decisions on specific potentially fraudulent transactions and constantly adapt your setting to the evolution of fraud patterns.

Reporting key features

Access to customised and consolidated reports

Granular data information

Chargeback and fraud transactions overview

Case management

Handing you more control

Our online merchant interface gives you more control. Through this interface, you can review real-time alerts, monitor suspicious traffic and make decisions to either black or white list when necessary.

Online back office interface key features

  • Review real-time alerts
  • Review transactions, flag customers, block fraudulent traffic etc
  • Actions such as follow up on customers. black and white listing etc

“SafeCharge Checkout is providing access to a single click checkout solution while utilising suitable fraud prevention and security measures such as 3D Secure optimisation, Address Verification System (AVS) and other additional measures.”

Yancale Shahar

Company Treasurer, EL AL

SafeCharge Limited is an Electronic Money Institution authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and is a principal member of Mastercard, Visa and Unionpay International (CUP). SafeCharge Financial Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution. Both SafeCharge companies are wholly owned by SafeCharge International Group Limited.