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A guide to getting started with Alipay and WeChat Pay



In 2017, more than 130 million mainland Chinese citizens
travelled around the globe and their total spending overseas was around USD 115 billion. This guide provides clear steps to attracting the huge potential and spending power of the globe-trotting Chinese traveller and the reasons why business across industries should start accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Key Highlights

  • In 2017, Chinese travellers in Europe spent an
    average of USD 3,754 per person
  • In 20 years’ time China will generate a quarter
    of the whole international tourism
  • Alipay market share in China is 54%,
    WeChat Pay follows with 40%
  •  65% of Chinese shoppers used mobile payment methods to pay for their expenses while abroad

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Adapting to Chinese shopper's preferences